It’s National Dog day and we’re showing our furry friends some extra love and attention today.

To help you do the same, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Best Behaviour Dog Training to bring you some expert tips and advice on how to make doggy bath time as fuss free as possible, so you can really pamper that pooch.

How often should I bathe my dog?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how often you should bath your dog. Each breed has individual needs when it comes to bathing and type of coat is a big factor. The longer and shaggier the coat, the more likely it is to need regular washing.

Other factors, such as lifestyle will also come into play. If you’re dog takes regular walks or works in muddy areas, it’s more likely to need bathing.

Some breeds, such a border terriers require very little bathing.

Our experts advice is to contact your local groomer to discuss the best bathing routine for your dog.

Top tips for hassle-free dog bath time
  • Have plenty of treats ready and available to help your dog learn to love the bathing experience.
  • Get your dog used to the bath or sink without the water in. Let them explore the area and give them a treat whilst they are there.
  • Once your dog is familiar and enjoying the bath or sink. Safely lure them out to a safe place with a treat, whilst you run the water to make a perfect doggy bath. Always check the temperature before your dog gets in.
  • Start by offering your dog a few yummy treats before they get into the bath.
  • Safely lure them into the bath or help them in if they are happy to be picked up.
  • Once they are in the water give them a few minutes to get used to the water before washing them. Try giving them a few more treats and praising them.
  • If your dog is happy and taking treats, continue to wash them. Offering treats at each stage of the wash will let them know they are doing well and make bath time a happy experience they will want to repeat.
  • Once your dog has finished bath time. Offer a few more treats and give them lots of fuss.

And now your dog is clean, happy and relaxed, it’s time to tackle the cleanup.

Did you know what Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker works just as well on pet hair?
Here’s Buster’s top tips to get the job done
If your dog has shed a lot of hair use Buster Bathroom Plughole UnblockerThe unique formula works to dissolve the hair and will disperse soap scum and other plughole grime.

If your dog is not a hairy beast, then use Buster Deep Clean Foamer to cleanse and freshen the plughole and the overflow. The foam will expand to fill the pipe for a thorough, deep down clean, killing germs and getting rid of bad odours.

We know you wouldn’t dream of it, but just for the sake of clarity, please note our products should not be used on the dog itself or until the dog is safely out of the bath/sink/shower.

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