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At Buster, we (weirdly) get pretty excited about plugholes. In fact, we’ve spent 30 years learning all there is to know about them.

We work obsessively to make the best, most effective plughole care products. From clearing and preventing blockages to cleaning and deodorising, when it comes to plughole care we are the experts and simply get the job done.

About Buster

Step 1.

Unclog Drains

  • One shot clears blockages and slow draining water
  • Bathroom Unblocker dissolves hair & soap
  • Kitchen Unblocker blasts fat & food
Kitchen Unblocker
Bathroom Unblocker

Step 2.

Clean & Freshen

  • Prevent smelly garbage disposals
  • Cleans & deoderizes
  • Use weekly for long-lasting freshness

Disposal Cleaner

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