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Busy families mean busy kitchens which can lead to a blocked kitchen plughole; with a routine clean you can prevent blockages week in, week out. Pick up your bottle of Block Preventer from your nearest supermarket. https://t.co/fIdSbFa9Vf BusterProducts photo

The Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker was created by busy families for busy families. In fact, Buster is still a family run business! Trust Buster to keep your family home flowing. https://t.co/HzLerPizSJ BusterProducts photo

Who knows what could crop up this Easter... for a thorough deep down clean of your plugholes and U-bends, use the Buster Block Preventer today. Available from all leading supermarkets. https://t.co/QlVoicSfvf BusterProducts photo

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